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A beachfront retreat




Ababor Suites is located on Playa Bastimento, a protected shallow natural wade pool. There is a long wall of rock about 20 feet into the sea that breaks the waves and allow the crystal clear tropical waters to stay calm.  From the beach you can see the islands of Puerto Rico and Culebra. On a clear day you can also see St. Thomas, USVI.




There are few beach front hotels or rentals in Vieques. Of those, most are located on rocky, high surf beaches which make them unsafe for kids and for novice swimmers or snorkelers. The beach in front of Ababor is a "posita" (a shallow wading pool) of white sand and crystal clear warm tropical water. There is never a surf inside the "posita" because the line of rock that protects it breaks all the approaching waves. Kids are safe and love it. Adults love it even more.



The lack of waves makes the beach deliciously serene and its shallowness invites you to long hours of relaxation on your beach chair as the water toys with your feet.



Novice snorkelers can stay inside the "posita" and will discover a lot of sea life hiding in the rocks. If you want to swim or do advanced snorkeling, you can walk over the protecting rocks (bring your water socks). On the other side of the line of rocks the water is about 3 to 5 feet deep along the rock wall. After that, at 30 to 40 feet from the rocks, there is a coral reef waiting for you. Bring your snorkeling gear or rent it in nearby Isabel II.


Also perfect for a relaxing kayak outing with the free kayak provided. Pass the coral rock wall you will enjoy great hours of snorkeling and exploration. 



Aadvanced fishermen can also have a good time at Ababor. Here is a repeat guest showing off his catch of the day on August 6, 2010. 









Towards the east, there is even more beach to explore. The beach becomes deeper where the coral rock wall ends. You will have about 1/2 mile of unspoiled beach to indulge in. The protected mangrove area next to Ababor Suites helps maintain the beach in its natural state.