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Ababor Suites is located just 5 min drive or 35-40 minutes walk from Downtown Isabel II and many exquisite restaurants, small grocery stores, a Spanish Fort Museum, the bank,the post office and the ferry harbor.




Most visitors reach Vieques from San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you are coming in from the U.S. you do not need a passport or any proof of U.S. citizenship. You will need a form of identification at the airport in U.S. There are no departure taxes.


DOLLAR, USPS, 120 volts

Vieques is part of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and as such it has the same monetary system, postal, and electrical service (120v/60w) as the U.S. mainland.




Credit cards and Travelers checks are accepted. There are several ATM machines around Vieques. One at the local bank, Banco Popular, in Downtown Isabel II, another one at the local credit union and the others are in businesses around town. 24/7. 



The winding roadways are narrow and it is common to find loose farm animals on the roads so please drive with caution and keep to your side of the road. Rental cars are recommended but not required. The public transportation system, "carros publicos", can be a good way to move around if you have prior arrangements. You can have a local driver to pick you up and take you to any beach and back at designated times for only $5 each way per person. A four hour tour of Vieques costs $50 per car load. (Rates are subject to change).


There are several doctors, dentists and one drug store in Vieques. There is a 24 hour Emergency Room service at the local clinic. Traumas and critical cases are sent to Puerto Rico via airplane or helicopter. The facility is equipped with 24 hour laboratory services support.


There is a 11% sales tax in Vieques and a 9% hotel tax (or 7% guest house room tax).