The Day After Hurricane Dean

Aug 19, 2007

P1000145 P1000150 P1000152 P1000153
All the pictures on this page were taken the day after Hurricane Dean passed closed by as a category 4.
The views are of the southern coastline of Vieques from Bo. Los Chivos.


P1000179 P1000183 P1000184 P1000185
P1000191 P1000194 P1000195 P1000200
While the waters in the north remained perfectly calm and clear, the south side of the island suffer minor
damages and beach erosion from the effect of the rough seas.
Even the local iguanas enjoyed the sunny day we were blessed with the day after.
P1000201 P1000204 P1000206 P1000207
This is Sun Bay Public Beach. Minor beach erosion and a lot of sea grass deposits on the sand.


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