Holly Week 2009 in Vieques and other pics

Wanda Bermudez
Jan to April 2009

Kayaking1 Kayaking3 Kayaking4 Kayaking5 Kayaking6
We loved kayaking at Puerto Ferro so we came back with some cousins in early January.. The sailboat was an added bonus.
Navio1 PlayaCaracas1 PlayaCaracas2 PlayaCaracas4 PlayaCaracas5
The pictures above and below were taken during Holly Week 2009. The first picture on the top left is Playa Navio, the other four are at Playa Caracas early on Holly Friday. All beaches get crowded during this time of the year. The pictures below left are at Playa Caracas. The one in the middle is at Playa Esperanza. The last two are at Sun Bay Beach.
PlayaCaracas6 PlayaCaracas7 PlayaEsperanza1 SunBay1 SunBay2


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