Boating around the eastern side of Vieques

Wanda Bermúdez
Aug 17, 2008

These pictures were taken during a boat trip around the Fish and Wildlife Reserve, previously the U.S. Navy, in Vieques. We departed from the fishermen's dock in Isabel II and headed east, turned around the eastern tip and cruised from the tip to the Esperanza harbor. As soon as we took off we started passing several beautiful beaches. many not accessible by boat because of the reefs surrounding them. Beach names like Puerto Negro, Puerto Diablo, Playa Mameyes, Playa Blanca, Playa Brava, Playa Carrucho o Playa Allende came up. These names had been lost to us in Vieques for decades and now they are being reclaimed. Note that these beaches are currently off-limits by land. Some have warning signs about unexploded ordinance and are in the process of being cleaned. You enter these waters and beaches on your own risk and can be asked to leave by Wildlife rangers or Navy personnel. Fines might be applicable.

P1020127 P1020130 P1020139 P1020145 P1020148
To pictures are from Puerto Diablo and Playa Mameyes
P1020153 P1020158 P1020162 P1020163 P1020165
Top pics: Playa Mameyes, then four pics of Playa Yallis. Note the broken boat ramp used by the people in civil disobedience camping in the target zone of the Navy bombing range..
P1020169 P1020170 P1020176 P1020179 P1020180
Top pics are of the bay next to Playa Yallis and of Cayo Yallis
P1020183 P1020185 P1020189 P1020191 P1020192
Top pics: views of Vieques from Cayo Yallis, Statue at Cayo Yallis and beaches around Cayo Yallis
P1020200 P1020201 P1020202 P1020203 P1020204
Top pics: Playa Blanca. Note the hills being cleaned and the warning sign
P1020206 P1020207 P1020212 P1020213 P1020214
Top and below: Playa Allende or Carrucho. Note the hills being cleaned. Last pic is the Navy OP tower over Playa Carrucho.
P1020215 P1020217


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