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History of the Navy in Vieques

Map of Vieques prior to the 2001 land transfer

“Never again shall we tolerate abuse of a magnitude and scope the likes of which no community in any of the fifty states would ever be asked to tolerate. Never again shall we tolerate such abuse: not for sixty years, and not for sixty months, or sixty hours, or sixty minutes.”
-- Puerto Rico Governor, Pedro Roselló, October 19, 1999. Statement before the U.S. Senate Armed Forces Committee.


La noche que cayó la verja  
Cinco años después. Spanish only


Prior to 1999




Viequenses apelan al Primer Circuito

Ver articulo Dec 1, 2010


US health agency to take 'fresh look' at Vieques

See article


US Navy pledges more money for cleanup of island near Puerto Rico

The Associated Press
Published: March 26, 2008

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico: The U.S. Navy has set aside US$200 million (€129 million) for the removal of military waste in Vieques island, just east of Puerto Rico's main island, authorities announced Tuesday.

The money will be used in the next seven years to remove explosives in the island's eastern region, the site of most previous military training exercises, said Richard Mach, with the Navy's environment

More than 9,000 acres (3,600 hectares) of the almost 23,000 acres (9,300 hectares) that the Navy occupied for several decades will be scanned for contaminants, he said.

The Navy previously used Vieques as its main Atlantic training site, combining air, sea and land maneuvers. It ended them in 2003 following years of local protests after an errant bomb killed a
civilian guard.

About 775 acres (315 hectares) have been cleared since the cleanup began in 2005, with officials uncovering nearly 15,000 live munitions and recycling about 1,900 tons (1,724 metric tons) of scrap.

(As published in the International Herald Tribune at"


Navy: $250M more needed to clean Vieques

The Associated Press
Posted : Tuesday Mar 27, 2007 10:43:21 EDT

The Navy estimates it will cost another $250 million through 2012 and beyond to clean up munitions and other hazardous substances at its former training area on the island of Vieques.

Tons of bombs and other substances remain from the decades during which the Navy used the Puerto Rican island as its main Atlantic training site, combining air, sea and land maneuvers and using live bombs until two went astray in 1999 and killed a civilian guard. The Navy withdrew in 2003 after years of local protests.

The budget estimate comes on top of some $50 million already budgeted through last September for assessments and cleanup, and it could change depending on further site investigations, said Monday’s report from the Government Accountability Office.

(As published in the Navy Times at


  • Investigation of Areas of Vieques Begins,  Jan 2004.



  • Vieques is added to the SuperFund list. Dec 2003.

  • ATSDR Documents Dealing with the Isla de Vieques Bombing Range


  • La Marina se fue de Vieques, Mayo 1, 2003./ U.S. Navy Leaves Vieques Bombing Range. Largest national refuge in the Caribbean opens. See pictures. Fish & Wildlife site about Vieques.

  • Navy Starts Final Exercises on Vieques. Jan 14, 2003

  • Certificado por Gordon England, el Navy se va de Vieques en o antes de Mayo 1, 2003.. Navy Secretary Gordon England certified on January 10, 2003 that the Navy will leave Vieques on or before May 1, 2003 and that the military exercises scheduled to start on January 13 and last 29 days will be the last ones in Vieques. The training will be relocated to various facilities on the states of Florida, North and South Carolina. Jan 11, 2003

2001 to 2002